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We at ‘National Association of Black Real Estate Appraisers’ and also hereinafter referred to as “NABRA” or by our website NABRA.com,take privacyand security very seriously. We are committed to letting you know about the collection and use of information. This Document containing the Privacy Policy of NABRA (hereinafter also referred to as ‘NOTICE’) describes the privacy practices we follow in connection with the NABRAand shall serve also as the notice of the Privacy Policy of NABRA. This NOTICE shall also describe the options you have regarding our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information when accessing the Site.We at NABRA know that these issues are essential to making this site a success for our Members and us. Rest assured that privacy, security and integrity are first and foremost at NABRA.


By usingNABRAyourself or behalf of any other person, you and such other person whoare accepting the privacy practice described in this NOTICE and consenting to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described below. Please refrain from using the Site if you do not agree with this NOTICE.

You may browse the website without Logging in which does not require you providing personally identifiable data.

NABRA reserve the right to modify the terms of the Privacy Policy at any time. We shall update the NOTICE as deemed necessary. Continued use of our Site following the posting of a new NOTICE or a change (an update) of the NOTICE will mean you accept the prevailingNOTICE subject to all changes made during the use of this Site.


We collect public and limited information only from the visitors of the Site. We shall not collect any information from the general public unless such collection of information is allowed by the lawful owner of such information.

We may collect private information with consent of the user or public information on prospective and current visitors of the Site only for the purposes of the business and services offered by this Site.

No personally identifiable data shall be collected from the users who only browse this Site. Any information provided by a user shall be deemed as information provided willingly by that user for the uses of this Site.


NABRA shall collect and may require the users of the Site to provide information from time to time as necessary. Information may include and shall not be restricted to:

Personal data such as your name and email address.

Geo-location data for us to have a better understanding of where you are located,

Demographic data to observe and analyze the interests of our users &

Traffic information such as your IP address or other information which shall work as a token to track you from “NABRA.COM” to a VENDOR SITE.


The information collected shall only be used for the services required by you and for the purpose of advertising the Services of this Site. (Eg: Newsletter, etc.)

Certain information may be stored in the form of “Cookies” which helps the user to browse and fill-out forms. Cookies shall also assist the Site in analyzing user behavior and targeting its services. You may change the settings of your browser if you wish not to use Cookies.Please refer to our cookie policy.

NABRA shall not share any information with a Third-Party without your consent for any other purpose not mentioned herein.


Third Parties shall have different and independent Privacy Policies to that of NABRA. Any link or other direction to any other website contained within the NABRA Site including its listed SERVICE PROVIDERsor Users shall not be governed by this NOTICE and NABRA shall not be liable or responsible for contents or activities of such other website.

Any and all activity done in any other website shall be at your own risk.

NABRA shall not be liable or responsible for any information collected, stored or used independently by the Browser of the user of the Site or any other program or by electronic/mechanical means or otherwise outside the control of this Site.


All Trademarks, Copyrighted Content and Patented Items displayed in the Site belong to their respective lawful owners and are protected by International Laws. All such content is displayed within the Site for the purpose of assisting the users of the website to identify the services provided under such protected mark/content.

Where any lawful owner of such Copyrighted content, Trademark or Patent believes that their right(s) in connection with such protected Article is violated bythe usage of this Site, shall immediately notify the Administrators of this Site to remove such content from the Site. Contact details can be found under “Contact us” section of the Site.


By signing up with “NABRA” after providing information withNABRA website, you are consenting to be contacted via email, post, telephone or any other means of communication by NABRA for the purposes stated within this instrument. Do not provide information unless you want to be contacted by this website or its affiliates.

“NABRA” shall only send you information on special events, offers and updates and shall not send spam emails.


Any user shall request this Site to remove any data collected by NABRA or to Opt-out from any service or advertisement offered by NABRAby contacting the Administrators of the Site using the contact details provided within the site or by using any other facility provided by the Site to effectuate the same. However, a subscription made to a SERVICE PROVIDER shall not fall within the purview of this Section.


Users shall have limited and temporarylicense to use the services provided by NABRA subject to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other relevant policies and terms mentioned within this Site.

This license does not extend to any commercial use or resale of any Article or content displayed, sold or contained within this Site, unless prior written consent is obtained from the Administrators of this Site.

The users of this NABRA.com shall not do anything adverse to the interests of NABRA, owners of any article contained within the Site or any other user of this Site. Any such activity thatviolates this NOTICE shall render the party acting so exclusively liable.


Where any part of this instrument fails, or becomes invalid, void, illegal or ineffective, the remaining parts shall prevail and have full force of law.


There shall be no undertaking by NABRA that the communications by and between its users andNABRA/its servers shall be secure.


NABRA shall take appropriate and necessary steps to ensure the technology for secure communication is in place and in working order.However, the users shall be responsible for making their connection with NABRA and its server secure.


‘Privacy Policy of NABRA’ shall be read together with the ‘Disclaimer of NABRA and may be severed if other documents or parts of documents are found to ineffective.’

“Cookies”: A packet of data sent by an Internet server to a browser, which is returned by the browser each time it subsequently accesses the same server, used to identify the user or track their access to the server.

“Administrators”: Owner(s) or any other person(s) who has/have effective control of this Site.

“Site”: Website in the ordinary use of language.

“User”: Any person who browses, registers, logs in to this Site.

National Association of Black Real Estate Appraisers (NABRA)

Email: nabraonline@gmail.com

P. O. Box 437155

Chicago, IL. 60643



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